I was just poaching chicken for dinner


I was just poaching chicken for dinner, Sir… I was just poaching a couple of succulent chicken breasts for a spinach chicken salad for dinner. It was about 4:30 Friday afternoon when Sir arrived at the beach house. He’d been … Continue reading

Chicken Bondage

Chicken Bondage 101

Chicken Bondage – it’s whats for dinner! Chicken Bondage… It’s what’s for dinner! Sir did a nice job of neatly binding this hen up! Wonder if it will be a boned chicken after Mr TW is finished putting it through … Continue reading


Time Is…

Time is found
Time has lapsed
Time of good things abound

Lost by time
Lost in a place
Lost in the love
Lost thoroughly by space

Found just one love
Found the joy in life
Found all of my hope
Found her submissive rife

Lapse of confinement
Lapse given clarity
Lapse given to desire
Lapse created inseparably

Abound exploited visions
Abound bound by bounds
Abound most expectantly
Abound lost in the surround

It’s time for life
It’s time not to judge
It’s time for new hope
It’s time to indulge

Your infinite time
Your unending vulnerability
Your unwavering devotion
This time for you, desperately

-Love Passionately-
-Tom Wolf