I was just poaching chicken for dinner


I was just poaching chicken for dinner, Sir… I was just poaching a couple of succulent chicken breasts for a spinach chicken salad for dinner. It was about 4:30 Friday afternoon when Sir arrived at the beach house. He’d been … Continue reading

Fantasies Come True

Fantasies ...

Sexy picnic, and fantasies come true, in the most unexpected ways, at the most unexpected times… …a fantasy brought to life… It was planned back in August, while Peep and I sat on my bed at the beach house with … Continue reading

Just Girl Time

It’s “Just Girl Time” -Sir had purchased a round trip ticket for my birthday so that I could go spend “just girl time” with BoPeep.

…a sexy post by Mynx…

Blog land has been a-buzz lately with swapping and sharing of hot scenes between couples. The standouts for me have been the girl-girl fantasies that have come to light on many blogs. Some have been acted upon while others are in the planning or hopeful stages. Ahhhh, the “submissive bestie” friend, the one with whom we feel total complete comfort, enjoy spending time with, talk with, cry with, and share every juicy detail of our kinky existence with. BoPeep is this kind of friend for me… I have shared things with her that I have never shared with anyone but my Sir. I can tell her anything and know it’s safe with her. I need only to tell her something once as it will NEVER be forgotten. My every word is important to her as she wants to hear everything I have to say. Peep is a first for me in this way- I have had countless friends, and, as is so often the case, they just don’t appreciate the value of true friendship. And let’s face it, my vanilla friends wouldn’t be so understanding of my chosen hot lifestyle, LOL! 🙂

So one week from today, my plane will have already touched down in the home state of my dear friend Little BoPeep. We will have nearly 7 days and 6 nights together -alone- in her lovely home for some Girl-Girl time. Her Sir and their children are off for Easter break to visit Sir DMW’s family many miles away. Peep’s job is keeping her at home with no time off to spend this holiday break with them. However, I have this same holiday break as her family, and I will be leaving my Sir and kids to spend some time alone with Peep. You know, girl time, and just us girls… Whatever will we do? Whatever will we talk about with just 7 days and 6 nights alone together? So you’re thinking, “Oh yeah, those two are so going to do it!” Right? How perfect! Have we had dialog about it? Yes. Have we sought permission and council from our Sir’s? Yes. Do we desire to be each other’s first? Yes. Has touching her in such an intimate way been in my thoughts and fantasies for a while? Yes.

So here’s the thing, she’s the dearest person I have ever known and the best friend I have ever had. I would never want to do anything to jeopardize our special friendship. Could this shared fantasy enhance it or damage it? Peep and I have often talked about scene-ing together as couples but without swapping (the desire is there to proceed with this soon). We have also talked about entering each other’s scenes, not as a third, but merely to enhance each other’s experience during scenes with our own Dom’s. Both of us think this would be hot as hell!

We think talking about it up front is important and have vowed to spend as many hours as necessary discussing all the possibilities and what if’s, until we’re both comfortable. We have promised to always put “friendship first” as is written on the friendship bracelets that Peep bought for us. And we won’t do anything that is not completely agreed upon first. This is the love and respect we have for one another. Will we still snuggle and cuddle? Absolutely, it’s something we naturally did the first time we met. Will we explore a comfort zone with each other for future fun? Most likely. Will we become completely intimate with each other? That’s to be determined, stay tuned, you all will be the second to hear as our Sir’s will get the first report! 😀

So I have told you all the above to tell you about our weekend. First, may I just say it was a hell of a long work week, and Sir spent most of it on the road and away from me. But while he was away, he and BoPeep’s Sir, DMW, spent time in conversation and negotiation about permission and limits of exploration for their submissive’s visit in the upcoming week. Last night Sir and I escaped to the beach cottage for some much needed alone, naked, and hot sex time away. No kids! 😀 On our 3+ hour drive there, we talked about the possibilities for Peep and I. We thought through the good, bad, and the ugly. We talked about the positives that it could bring to Peep and I, and the potential deepening of our friendship. We talked about relaxing and letting it happen if that’s what Peep and I decide to do. We contemplated possible scenarios and challenges, pleasures and enjoyment, there were few moments of silence in the long drive.

Yesterday, Sir had a horrible drive home from his on the road work week, and was near 7 hours getting home, then add to that the 3+ hours to the beach cottage- I had one spent Dom. So after a drink and winding down we headed straight for bed. He pulled me into his arms and spooned me as we fell fast asleep, and I don’t think we ever moved. We were still in that same position as the clock ticked past 2am, and in typical Sir TW fashion, I was deliciously awakened by his very hard cock gliding into my slick pussy. No wake up call, no warm up, just his full, hard cock penetrating me from behind.

All I can tell you is he fucked me every which way imaginable! There was hair pulling, some breath play, nipple pinching, breast slapping and some yummy spankings- all of which had his beast growling with passion and desire. There were even times where he laid still and I did all the work. It was hot, full of passion, and my head was spinning. I can’t even begin to count the orgasms! 😀 Nearly two hours later, my marathon Dom’s long day and exhaustion had once again begun to claim him. Sir snuggled me close as I rode my wave of pleasure back out of subspace. He let me rest a bit as he stroked my hair and face, telling me what a good girl I was, and that there would be more in the morning. Slumber was reclaiming us both as he told me to get a wash cloth to clean us up. I stumbled to the bathroom and returned to clean my wet mess from Sirs groin and legs.

Chills were setting in for me as I returned to the bed, asking permission join him under the covers. I was still a bit floatie and spent as he pulled the covers around us. “Mmmm, you’re so warm Sir,” I said as I snuggled in close. “Perhaps you’d warm up quicker if you disappeared under the covers and worked your magic mouth on my cock Kitten, down you go.” he said as he lifted the covers for me. I eagerly dove under the covers and went to work. I had him ever so close  to another orgasm when he announced his sleepy body was wiped out, and stopped me and told me to come back up and lay beside him. I did as told, and as exhaustion overtook my body I began to doze.

I vaguely remember his hands softly caressing my body. He ever so gently stroked my face, neck, and torso. He lightly sucked a nipple, and lovingly caressed my breast. The whole time his hands were at work on my body, he was whispering in my ear to imagine that everything he was doing was actually my dear BoPeep doing them. Over and over he mimicked the loving soft touch of a woman, so different from what had just taken place, as he whispered his reminder to imagine it was Peep’s hands and fingers moving along my body. I was still in a bit of a fog from the hours of play we’d already had, but I remember his words and the imagery he was placing in my head, my mind was indeed where he needed it to be, and where I wanted it to be. And yes, he continued to amaze me- where he found the renewed energy is beyond me but he teased and taunted my juicy folds, my engorged clit and swollen lips, probed my inner walls and had me gushing -again- as wave after wave of orgasmic delight engulfed what little of my conscious mind remained. Many orgasms later, he cleaned me up and put me to bed for the rest of the night, which had only a few hours left in it. OMG! At 7:30 this morning he woke me again, only this time, he purposefully and with deliberation took me hard and fast, I was purely his for his pleasure. Needless to say, I’m a bit sleepy today as my good night’s sleep was interrupted with blissful pleasures, but ohhhhhhh what a night it was! ;D

Perhaps next week will be similar, but oh-so-different as Peep and I sort through our feelings for one another. It’s just possible that we’ll be (as Peep so eloquently depicted in her post) curled up together snuggling in front of a snapping fire, sipping some wine out of hand-cut crystal from Yugoslavia, and who knows we might even share a CrĂšme BrĂ»lĂ©e on her family’s heir-loom Wedgewood China, using solid sterling flatware, watching erotica filmed in Europe. Or maybe- just maybe it will be the snapping fire silhouetting shadows of our entwined naked bodies, sipping wine, licking CrĂšme BrĂ»lĂ©e from tender nipples, sweet moans filling our aural senses while muskiness fills our olfactory senses as we tease our slick slits and watch ourselves mirroring our lustful desires for one-another. Mmmmm… Peep, get ready because I’m coming! ;D (take that any way you want, LOL!)

Happy submissive thoughts everyone.

Hugs! -Mynx


Kayla meets Mynx for Eats and Drinks

Kayla meets Mynx-
for Eats and Drinks…

…a post by Mynx’s Sir…

It started with a text, then an email that the Southern Belle, miss Kayla. would be in the big city for a convention. The ideas and plans bounced to and fro- should it be here, or there, or did it matter where? What seemed to matter most was respect and enjoying one another’s company. Oh, sweet mother of anticipation of it all, building, churning, each wondering what the other would be like, what would bring a smile or a laugh, or wince and shudder?

The evening finally arrived and as usual, the delays from the big city traffic jams didn’t disappoint in delaying our arrival. The look on Mynx’s face was priceless as she peeked around the corner to see Kayla’s happy eyes and contagious smile greet her, the two hugging as if they were long lost friends- and who knows, in another time and space, maybe the two had already visited this place?! Dinner and beverages were nothing short of fantastic. Maybe it was the oysters or the bottle of wine, soon guarded words and inhibitions were left behind.

The view of the city lights from the restaurant looking across the glass-like water made for a perfect backdrop for an evening of conversation only those in the D/s lifestyle could appreciate. Eyebrows were raised more than once from passers-by, which only fostered bolder dialogue, no subject was taboo. Conversation included guesses about another couple across the way- was she his “little girl” and was he her Daddy? They too enjoyed the view, her feet not quite touching the floor, swinging back and forth while miss Kayla commented, “She’s definitely ‘a little,’ I know that feeling! Squeeeeel!” Kayla and Mynx were so engaged in conversation, the only one missing was her Daddy, Mr. Brownstone- next time Southern Sir, there will be four…

The hours flew by like clouds in the sky, more smiles from the Belle, a few texts with her Daddy filled with reassurances like, “that’s my baby girl” and “glad you’re enjoying yourself baby girl.” Soon, the hands of the clock passed by 1:00 am, the eyes grew tired from each one’s long day, and sleep was overtaking the air. I looked at the two beauties before me and said, “It’s time, if we don’t soon leave, we’ll need to crash in your room, miss Kayla!” -winking and snickering out loud. She and Mynx smiled and hugged, then Kayla said, “Hmmm, that’d be okay, we’ll just put Mynx in the middle then!” as she laughed out loud, giving Mynx another long embrace.

My mind was rife with the potential scene, wandering, wondering, searching, -speechless-. I smiled as I thought, “I wonder, on which side would my Mynx lay, and how big would the smiles be at the end of the day?!”


-Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)