I was just poaching chicken for dinner


I was just poaching chicken for dinner, Sir… I was just poaching a couple of succulent chicken breasts for a spinach chicken salad for dinner. It was about 4:30 Friday afternoon when Sir arrived at the beach house. He’d been … Continue reading

I woke the beast

I woke the beast! A sexy little beastie of post by Mynx It was late, nearing midnight when I crawled into bed. Sir had retired early as his work week from hell was draining him. He had given me his … Continue reading

Submission found

If you read my last post you know I was a bit stuck in vanilla land and was struggling to reconnect with my submission to Sir. The minute I began to conduct myself submissively and respond to him submissively, it … Continue reading

The Bait and Switch

Bait n Tackle

The Bait and Switch … a deceptive little post by Mynx 🙂 … It was 8 am- we had slept in a bit today. I woke him with my hands gliding lightly over his thighs. Then tentatively, lightly, I drug … Continue reading