I was just poaching chicken for dinner


I was just poaching chicken for dinner, Sir… I was just poaching a couple of succulent chicken breasts for a spinach chicken salad for dinner. It was about 4:30 Friday afternoon when Sir arrived at the beach house. He’d been … Continue reading

I woke the beast

I woke the beast! A sexy little beastie of post by Mynx It was late, nearing midnight when I crawled into bed. Sir had retired early as his work week from hell was draining him. He had given me his … Continue reading

What is D/s?

Bite lip

This is a reblog of a post by “PeskyNymph” (http://cheekyblushing.tumblr.com/post/100551801265/pushing-boundaries) over on Tumbler… I liken it to discovering “What is D/s?” because of her perspective. Pushing Boundaries (a reblog by Mynx’s Sir with comments at the conclusion) titled “What is … Continue reading