I was just poaching chicken for dinner


I was just poaching chicken for dinner, Sir… I was just poaching a couple of succulent chicken breasts for a spinach chicken salad for dinner. It was about 4:30 Friday afternoon when Sir arrived at the beach house. He’d been … Continue reading

Thoughts about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” Frenzy

FSOG Parody

How many out there are intrigued at the thought of being forced against the wall by your man as he secures your hands above your head and passionately kisses you. Or slipping a blindfold over your eyes, tying you spread eagle to your bed, then teasing and titillating you, raising your heart rate and desires for him to take what he wants. Continue reading

I woke the beast

I woke the beast! A sexy little beastie of post by Mynx It was late, nearing midnight when I crawled into bed. Sir had retired early as his work week from hell was draining him. He had given me his … Continue reading