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My Playful Kitten said to me that she wanted to build a page for Married D/s Couples where she and I could blog about our journey from the vanilla, mundane sex life we once knew, to the explosive, sexy, exciting adventure we now share as a Married D/s Couple. Then she asked me to write something about myself, an introduction of sorts. So I did what any good Dom would do and assigned her the task of writing it for me. So without further ado, this is what my Mynx had to say…


My Sir is a wolf, and actually, our last name translates to wolf in his native country.

Webster’s dictionary defines wolf as follows:

Any of various wild canine carnivores (genus Canis), esp. the gray wolf, widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere: domestic dogs are thought to be descended from wolves a fierce, cruel, or greedy person * definitely not Sir  ☆ SLANG a man who flirts aggressively with many women

* while he is friendly to all he meets, he is especially aggressive about the things he’s passionate about in life.


(a) To cry wolf… for help when it is not needed, with the effect that one is not believed when one really does need help.
* actually if my Sir asks for your help with something, he genuinely respects your knowledge or expertise and really would like your input.

(b) Hold (or have) a wolf by the ears… in a precarious position.
* ok so I might have to bend on this one, he loves to put me in many precarious positions….often!

(c) Keep the wolf from the door……have enough money to avert hunger or starvation
* don’t we all want this…Sir is a wonderful provider, and makes sure his family is well cared for and has everything we need to thrive.

(d) Throw someone to the wolves……leave someone to be roughly treated or criticized without trying to help or defend them.
* Sir would give you the very shirt from his back, if he felt you needed it or he thought it would help. He would come running to aide anyone that needed help.

(e) A wolf in sheep’s clothing……a person or thing that appears friendly or harmless but is really hostile.
*Sir makes friends where ever he goes, our family refers to him as a social butterfly. He is genuine, loving and caring, and never hostile.

Okay, translations aside, his last picture holds something for me, that shouts “that is my Sir!”

A wolf is a majestic creature, they are intense, bold, and fierce hunters. The wolf in this last picture has all of those qualities, but also looks to have a softer spirit, and loving soul.


This describes my Sir completely, in addition to all the above attributes, he is loyal and dedicated to all he loves, and pursues, both in his work and personal life.

When we first began to talk about converting our life to a D/s lifestyle he was so open and supportive, though he wasn’t quite convinced that it was something that would stick with me. He feared it was only a phase, never once did he voice his doubt, but researched and read all he could about the lifestyle, to bring it into our life. I never had to lead him to the sources of research. He had the drive and desire to learn on his own.


Sir works in marketing where he is a pack leader! He’s been given many awards for exceeding expectations and crushing challenging objectives, I am so proud of him. Again dedicated, loyal, and knows his craft backwards and forwards, and could do all of it in his sleep! He quite literally has thousands of customers so he spends all or most of his week away from our family, Monday through Friday. This makes the weekends very explosive and busy!!

Giving back is important to him as well; He not only served our country in the armed forces, but is a civic leader as well, and has been for many years. His civic involvement is out of the goodness of his heart, because the pay from it is peanuts and would hardly put gas in the car. He serves to better the community and make it a better place to live and raise a family, all through the logic he brings in an otherwise illogical world.


And of course I can’t overlook the physical appearance…. I find him handsome, and sexy….need I say more? 🙂 While under 6 ft., he stands tall and proud in life and love. He’s passionate about all he cares about, and always puts his loved ones first in his life. He’s got soft, sexy hair and a goatee that I love, and soft blue eyes that melt my heart, but can be piercing and direct when I make a submissive mis-step. He can make me puddle at his feet with just a look, a smile, or command. Yes I am completely, madly, and hopelessly in love with him and have been now for years.

To summarize, my Dominant, my Sir is a man of the world…he is intelligent, and confident in all his roles, He’s kind and loving to all that touch his life. He’s loyal and dedicated to anything he cares about. He a leader in our community and in his work. He loves with kindness and passion. Sir is bold, fierce and an intense lover. He’s my pack leader……
Funny how this also describes a good Dom!


Yes…. My Sir is a wolf, in name, spirit and soul.


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    • This was an older post… Back to the start of our blog! I too love black and white, and adore when just a hint of color is splashed in somewhere for contrast! Hugs my friend!


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  2. Mr Wolf- My wife came to me several years ago requesting this D/s journey not only in the bedroom but 24/7. We are struggling to bring this dynamic into our day to day life. Beautiful travels extensively and we have 2 children.

    I was hoping that you could provide some insight on how to begin this journey but more importantly I would like to understand how you began this journey and any insight you could provide me as someone who has already gone through the process? I know my wife reads your wife’s blog along with a few others. She has shared many posts from your site and the dynamic between you and your Mynx is something we strive for.

    Understanding that we need to make it our own, how did you research this and what did you do to make this part of your day to day lives with kids. While I understand the concept I am trying to make sure I understand the whole dynamic and mindset… the forest from the trees. Much of the research out there only focuses on the bedroom… my wife like yours is an executive who is highly respected… you would never know that she is submissive. So I understand I need to engage all of her in order for this dynamic to work for us. We have been married for tens of yrs in September but have known each other our entire lives. As stated, we have been struggling for almost 4 yrs. any insight you could provide would be helpful.

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