My Mynx


The Mynx-

She’s the one you’d never expect to be the submissive little kitten she is.

She’s the one driving the minivan, the grocery go-getter. She’s the Mom you’ll see in the grocery store picking up boxes and parcels and meats from the coolers and shelves. Next you’ll find her shuttling kids to this school event or this practice. Shes the best Mom ever to our kids. Love flows freely- an “I love you” can be heard almost every third sentence. Shes incredibly well organized and manages our household with precision. She’s playful and happy, has a spring to her step which says she’s content.

Deliciously seductive and oh so alluring, she’s the one who can bring down cities with a wink. She’s doesn’t have a mean bone in her body- unless she’s crossed. Then, watch out for your eyes as they’ll get scratched out before you can blink. Car salesmen beware; this cunning little Mynx can negotiate with best of ’em… And if you start pulling that “let me go ask my manager crap” you’ll likely get an index finger pointing you right between the eyes as she calls you out… “You’re a very rude man!” (BTW- sorry, you know who you are.)

But close the playroom door and dim the lights and this cat’s ready for play. Submissively wanton, deliciously yummie. She’ll be on her side or back waiting to have her kitty scratched. She’s sexy, sensual, erotic, and did I say seductive and alluring? Mmm hmmmm, she’s all of that and an awesome submissive too. You’ll find this feline puddled at your feet, purring, waiting, wanting… And when you open her flood gates, prepare to get washed away in her ecstasy!

She is my love, life, desire… She is my Mynx and I love her- all ways, always!

-Mynx’s Sir

One thought on “My Mynx

  1. You are both an amazing couple. The love shines through in each post. You are lucky Man Mr Mynx’s Sir..Are you sure Mynx’s isn’t a Jersey Girl? I’m Team Mynx’s All the way!! 🙂

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