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So a little Intro about this blog;

This new journey can be so full of excitement and life challenging events that sometimes I feel as if I might explode when unable to share what is happening in my world with someone. The someone I choose is all of you who presumably share my interest, or you wouldn’t be here right now, right?

So if a fulfilling sex life with kink thrown into the mix offends you, then read no further and respectfully leave our site. If you are one that chooses to stay, then by all means welcome and please stay awhile and have a look around. Sir and I intend to spend a moment or two or more talking about topics which occur based on real life events that have occurred in our journey- all of which are what worked and didn’t for us, and may work, or not work for you too- but are surely not meant for all. Use what works for you, you’re welcome to chatter about what does and doesn’t, but understand it’s your journey same as it’s ours, and this isn’t professional advice or how too’s, by any stretch of our imaginations. My Sir and I encourage your feedback and contributions, and will have the final decision regarding posting of submissions.

We also will try our hand on a few erotic short stories from time to time. By no means are we professional writers, but find we have many thoughts and fantasies whirling in our heads, and just have a desire to share. Maybe some were actually scenes we had, and some will be scenes of desire, only Sir and I will know the difference! 😉 Also within this site you will find Sirs page, where he will from time to time post his feelings, thoughts, and possibly tasks and challenges for his Mynx to think and write about.

And finally, after spending many hundreds of dead president faces on junk toys (aka- novelty items) which ranked between “eh, that was okay…” , and “why did we waste our money on that?!?!?!” As my Sir says- Grrr…. whenever something is a flop. We invite you to look at “Toy Talk” where we will share the good, bad and the ugly of the massive toy industry. Again, we are not experts in the toy industry, but merely wish to share our experiences, and what has been good or bad and why. And we welcome your feedback, and thoughts.

Final disclaimers- these are our thoughts and the thoughts of those around our community. They’re not paid promos by anyone or company, simply what worked for my Sir and I, and, where further discussed by others- what worked or didn’t work for them. It contains mature content (18+ years of age) and is not intended for and should not be viewed by minors- if you’re not 18 yet, please leave now and come back when you are.


P.S. All of the images herein were obtained from public domains. If you are the rightful owner who can provide proof as such, contact me at to arrange for removal.

P.S.S. The content of this web site and blog are copyright © protected. Any use without permission is strictly prohibited. Violators of this International Copyright Law will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible according to the laws of your home jurisdiction.

Okay- everyone gets a little pain with their pleasure- and yes that was painful! I hate disclaimers too, but if they’re not here, some “less than reasonable person” might not have figured this stuff out on their own and just needed a little bit of help… LoL- so thanks for noting and getting that out of the way. So click on, and let the pleasure begin! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Intro Info

  1. This post isn’t dated, Mynx. Can this blog be brand new? I kind of has a new car smell to it. 🙂
    Oh, and it’s Ado, not Adieu. I concur with you.
    I look forward to reading more.

    • Yes Sir it is indeed new… And hopefully won’t have a new car smell for long. And thanks for the correction Sir, spelling was not one of my best subjects in school! Thanks for stopping by, and please visit often.

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