Like-minded Weekend – New Friends!

The weekend began much like any other, but this one was different…. Very different!

…a post by Mynx…

It was something that had been in the works for a few weeks, and, involved a great deal of planning, a dose of anticipation, and a bit of faith for all of those involved!

You see it had many events wrapped into one long, but oh soooo sweet, short weekend! This weekend was so very special, as we had plans to meet another couple in the lifestyle that we had met on line. Two submissive, like-minded friends, and “Blogging buddies” that had taken their relationship to cell phones and texts, and emails, and had been drawn together by what seemed a greater power that knew we belonged as good friends. Months of texts, emails and a few phone calls had resulted in the two of us desiring to find any excuse to meet with our Sirs to see if the four of us had common ground to form a friendship. Thoughts of “what were we thinking”, “we hardly know these people” were NOT running through my mind, actually I was eerily calm, and excited. Sir was guarded and somewhat reserved, but was keeping an open mind in hopes of seeing me fill a void in my heart that I have had for years. And he seemed only worried for the possibility that what if things didn’t go well, and he would need to pick up the pieces of another broken heart.

So as Friday began, I had taken off work to spend the day with Sir and to have the time to prepare for their arrival to our home. But this weekend was extra special as it was also Sir’s birthday weekend. We had plans for the four of us to share in Sir’s celebration dinner, at our favorite local Italian restaurant. The day seemed forever long as Sir ended up with conference calls and work that he couldn’t walk away from. So I busied myself with cleaning the house, and laundry, but my mind was reliving texts and emails exchanged with this friend, and thoughts of “could she truly be the bestie that I was hoping and praying for”, and “would we hit it off and enjoy the same banter and chemistry” in person.

As the hour of our dinner reservation arrived we entered the restaurant and were shown to our table. Sir took my coat to a nearby coat rack as I sat down and got comfy in the booth. Before Sir returned I looked up to see our new friends heading my way. I flashed her my very excited grin as I stood to give her a hug. She embraced me in a huge bear hug and began to sob. Her tears were validation to my heart that she too had much riding on the desire for our friendship. Her emotions were in high gear, and it took her several minutes to calm down, as I kept holding her, and rubbing her back as she slowly regained her composure. We quickly ordered drinks, which we all knew would calm her nerves. Within a few minutes, she was the dear sweet, kind, bantering friend I knew from the countless texts, emails, and blog comments. Her Sir was totally unreserved, warm, and jovial, and we were pleasantly surprised at how open, and how he put all of us at ease, as Sir and I had had very little interaction with him prior to this meeting.

Dinner was wonderful, there was no shortage of conversation and nothing was off limits, as we chatted for a few hours, ate a wonderful meal, and consumed several beverages of choice. There was much laughter, as we bonded with this couple, and cemented what could be a lifelong friendship.

After dinner we all went back to our home for some birthday cake, coffee and more adult beverages. They toured the house, getting to meet our children and our furry four legged family members. We talked and bantered well into the wee hours of the morning when they left for their hotel.

The next day was one that may surprise you. They were not in town to just meet and spend time with us. And I know what you all are wondering….. where’s the sex gonna come in, right? Nope…. we do not want play partners. Right now we are just looking for friendships of like-minded people, that we can just be ourselves around, and share our sexy stories and adventures with. Would we- could we- ever play in front of them?????? I can’t answer that question, not only is it not time to think of such things, I don’t know if it’s in me to ever do so, but I have learned one thing this past two years, to never say never. What I can say is that I have nearly exposed my heart and soul to her, she knows almost everything there is to know about me, my limits, desires, and fantasies shared with no one before her but my Sir.

So “what” you ask, was Saturday all about? Well, this friend is a Slumber Party Consultant! Yep…. She’s a submissive, sex blog writer, who sells sex toys at night and on weekends when she’s not at her day job. We had planned an “in house party” for all my vanilla friends to come fondle and play with the very toys many of them would never buy for fear the package would come in the mail with ‘sex toys’ written on the outside of the parcel. So Saturday was spent in preparation of the party with the appropriate food, and children to busy with plans outside the house for the night.

At 6pm, 14 vanilla-minded ladies descended upon our home. It was neat to watch my new (very kinky) friend getting these uptight vanilla friends to unwind and let their hair down, and finally, eat out of the palm of her hand- as she walked along the rows of women swinging her flogger, hitting them lightly on their knees. I was dying inside knowing the secrets we each held of each other and the horror my friends would have if they knew the two of us as sex bloggers and submissive women to our Dom husbands! Lol!

Games were played, lotions and potions were passed around, and much education was offered as well. Then she got to the good stuff as the vibrators, cock rings, and impact toys made their way out of her bag of tricks. Good food and drink was consumed, and much laughter was had as we wrapped up a successful party, and ladies left with a few bags in hand and a promise of some fun with their husbands upon arrival at their respective homes, and prayers of hope that their husbands’ “had the kids in bed already” were uttered as they exited our home.

A short time later our sexy Doms re-entered the house to find us cleaned up, and huddled on the couch sipping some vino, recapping events and funny moments of the night. Once again we talked until the wee hours of the morning before they headed out for the hotel. Before they left we planned to meet for breakfast, for one last small bit of time together before they made their journey home. As they pulled away, the tears formed in my eyes, as the realization that I had only a mere hour left to spend with the dear women that had so completely seated herself in my heart as my new best friend. After my nightly ritual with Sir, I snuggled into his arms to find the peace I seek every night as he holds me tight and close, I had tears running down the side of my face as I knew breakfast would be terribly hard to maintain my own composure as I didn’t want the time I had to spend with her to ever end. But exhaustion soon over came the tears, as I gave into slumber.

Breakfast was totally as hard as I imagined it would be, I knew her Sir would be on a time schedule to return them home by a respectable hour, and so our time was limited. As we walked outside to our cars, she and I had a tight hold of one another, and tears were flowing from both of us. We exchanged promises of continued friendship, and texts to drive our Sirs crazy, and plans for the next get together in 6 weeks or so. And lest we not forget a photo or five to have a remembrance of our first meeting. We tearfully hugged a dozen times, and entered our cars to begin our drives home to our respective homes.

Needless to say, I had more tears as we drove away from one another, and I miss her terribly tonight. But my heart is full, and hopes that I have found a forever best friend, and a couple that understands and shares the same type of journey that Sir and I are on. Theirs may not be just like ours but, but it’s damn close, and her and I share a lot of the same kinks! The weekend was beyond our expectations, and much fun, great conversation, and tons of laughter was had by us all!

As we drove back towards home we texted and reveled in the positive events of the weekend, with tears in my eyes the whole time. During the drive Sir and I discussed the fact that we had lost a lot of sleep over the weekend, and that a nap was in order. After we arrived at home I chatted with our daughter for a bit, as Sir headed for our bedroom. I finished up my texting, and chat with the daughter, and headed for the bedroom. Sir was already asleep on our bed all his clothes still on. I closed the bedroom door stripped and climbed in next to him, as I did he woke and was pleased to find me naked. I suggested we snuggle under the covers, and he agreed that I had a good idea. He quickly shed his clothes, and climbed in and pulled me into his arms but not to sleep!

He was passionate, and full of power, and had a determination to rid me of my sadness for my friend. He began with his blissful ministrations of my clit, and had the O’s flowing like a river, then he entered me, and fucked me hard and silly for the next 10 minutes or so. He briefly halted his passion, due to a leg cramp, and that’s when I asked him for the pain I needed to exercise the raw flooding emotions I had had all weekend, and with the painful good bye to my friend that lives too damn far away.

Sir didn’t hesitate as he picked up the bamboo cane that he has in his arsenal of weapons of sweet, sensual pain. He instructed me to lay across the width of the bed, legs straight down and arms above my head, ass up with a firm pillow under my hips to arch my ass up just a bit more. He bound me at my ankles and forearms where he stretched and tied to my limbs to the bed frame. I wasn’t going anywhere. Sir then inserted a butt plug, then picked up his cane. He proceeded to leave his red stripes upon my ass and thighs, only once did I yellow, as I need to have a moment or two to calm down, and have Sir talk me through some of the pain I was feeling. He paused to snap a few photos of his criss-cross handy work so that I could understand his accomplishments afterward. Pure deliciousness.

He put the cane away to spend some time with my fired-up back door. He removed the butt plug from my ass to replace it with a larger dildo, where he fucked my ass with determination until I was a squirting mass of jelly. He cleaned me up, then undid the ropes and asked me to stand by the bed and lean forward where he fucked me hard and fast. Wave after blissful wave of orgasm rolled from one to the next as he pounded into me. Soon he released his load all over my ass marking his property. He cleaned me up, rolled me into our bed and climbed in beside me, pulled me tight into his arms stroking me telling me how proud he was, and that I was his “good girl”, I don’t remember a thing beyond that till I awoke a few hours later. My emotions are back to normal, but my heart still misses my new friend.

So I bet you all are guessing who this blogging buddy might be…. I would bet many of you already know or suspect, but first I want to send her a few special thoughts.

My dear new friend, you are a delight and a refreshing breath of submissive energy which I have never witnessed before. We had a blast with you and your Sir, and look forward to many, many opportunities of spending time with you both! I treasure the trust, and am humbled by your devotion to the life and love of your Sir. My Sir and I truly look forward to our next bit of time with you both. Little Bo Peep and Sir DMW (Devious Mr. Wolf), we thank you so much for your friendship, and open and honest communication this past weekend. And thank you again for making the long drive, and sorry about the cold weather, and snow! Thank you for your blog about us! Till our next text Bo Peep, I send my love and extra hugs!

Love always friends,

-Mynx and Sir Tom Wolf

60 thoughts on “Like-minded Weekend – New Friends!

  1. So happy for you guys! It’s a scary world… with lots of pretenders and posers. It’s nice when you can make a connection, true and honest, and real. I’m very happy for you!

    • Thanks Cailin! It was a bit scary to put ourselves out there, but we had a good sense of the couple we were meeting, and we were not disappointed! BoPeep and her Sir were a delight!!! 🙂

    • Yes indeed you were, and I aspire to be just like you when I grow up into my full fledged submissive posture! Love you too BoPeep! Such fun and laughs we had! =D

  2. Sigh… Mynxie you are wonderful and I really enjoyed watching you and your Sir, I know you were hesitant with the crop in front of me but(t) you bent right over like the good subbie you are!

    • Mmmm Hmmm, it was a delicious moment that we shared in front of you… LOL! Even though it only lasted a moment, and fully clothed, it was fun! Your face was soooo funny! Bet you wish your Sir had been there to double the fun lolol! We would have been hysterical at the party in sub-space!

      • Haha I’m sure my face totally gave me away…. and yes, if my Sir was there it would have been great (he was working btw… work waits for no man…) Nice of you to remind everyone that we were fully clothed! Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea!!! Good ‘clean’ fun with crops!!! ROFL…….

  3. Awww… I am so thrilled to read this story. It’s amazing the connections made here… and I’m glad you two have made the leap to RL

    Hugs to you both. Xx

    • Thanks so much Phoenix… It was ‘beyond our expectations’ fun! And we can’t wait to spend more time together in the future, we both cried as we parted, and didn’t want to say goodbye.
      Hugs friend, Mynx

  4. Oh, … and I SHOULD add that “Mistress Mynx” made an appearance at the party, handing out swats with her crop to snarky guests… many private jokes passed among us, her guests never suspecting a thing! Shout out to Christina Mandara who, without her web site and books I wouldn’t have had such a good handle on Pony Play, and been able to answer one guest’s questions about it. Thanks girl!!!

    • Yeah well that will be the one and only time I will be Mistress Mynx, just wasn’t my cup of tea… But it was pretty funny when my one vanilla friend said to me as I smacked her leg with my crop “thank you Mistress, may I please have another?” Now that was a hoot!

  5. Oh, Mynx– That sounds like it was a weekend that surpassed all your expectations, and I am happy for you and LittleBoPeep. You are both so brave (and your Sirs are amazing too), and I am envious. You wrote this all up in such a wonderful way, I felt the excitement, the warmth, the affection. I feel connections with you both, as well as others out there, and there is always a part of me that wants to step “over the line” of anonymous cyberspace, and reach out to the next level of openness– But I find that I can’t go there (as you know, I’ve held back on our personal communications, and I hope you haven’t felt slighted by that). I am thrilled to have the connection here in blogland with both of you ladies and Mr. Wolf, because I know there is much we share (including age range and commitment in our marriages). There’s a part of me that just wants to hug you Mynx, your Sir, and LBP for all the caring and good advice (maybe someday…), which came from such good hearts. I can’t speak for my DH, I can’t see him ever being able to go there. But when you catch your breath from your marvelous weekend, there is a “surprise” over at my blog waiting! In the meanwhile, sending you a cyber hug!

    • DD… Thank you for your kind words. It was such a special weekend, and Bo Peep is an amazing woman, and we really hit it off on so many levels. It was a brave and scary process to cross from the anonymity to real life, but I think we both felt a strong connection and pull to one another. And you know what, give your DH time… He has come a long way, and now he knows about your blog, and he was calm, and didn’t freak out on you! So maybe he will come around. Never say never, I look back at how far I have come in less than two years, and it’s mind blowing! Thanks for reading friend, and thanks for the mention in your post about the orgasm slut! And an even bigger hug for having my back from that one comment! Thanks girl!
      Huge hugs to you, Mynx

  6. A day late and a dollar short, that’s what I get for being sucked into life for a few days.
    It is nice to be able to meet like minded people and even better when you find out you get along as well in person as you do in the cyber world.
    I may have to talk to little flower, she is too good at keeping secrets, she never even told me what she suspected.

    • Better a day late and a dollar short, than to have no dollars or days left to spend Sir! Just glad you made it by to see what the four of us were up to! You are so right about the real life and cyber world, our worries of….will we hit it off in real life just melted away, and Bo Peep and I just kept looking at each other in amazement at how wonderful everything fell into place. Such a fun weekend! I’m thinking a summertime trip to sunny Warm Florida is in order soon Sir!
      Hugs, Mynx

  7. I had suggested that it was good that you clarified what she blew while trying to hold her breath… but I think my comment got mixed up into another reply somehow… BTW… to further clarify- you don’t blow, you , um, uh, sss… 🙂

  8. Isn’t it great to meet someone you click with in this crazy blogging world. I have been fortunate to have two friends like this and while I am not an emotional person I know I’ll be shedding tears when I meet them in person. It’s a special relationship when you talk daily outside the blogs and they know all of you… As well as you knowing them. 🙂
    Never thought it could be possible but it is.
    Congratulations to you both.

    As for you and your Sir… Holy mother of all kinky gods. That is one hot scene and I should have not read this at work. 🙂 At least it’s keeping me awake. Thanks for that. 🙂

    • Thank you miss Sofia- maybe you and JK could bring some of that San Diego ship-board fun to the East Coast too?!

      And the blog should have cum (-snickering-) with a warning -NSFW- I suppose, orrrrr would that be NSFHWWAW? (Not Safe For Horny Women While At Work) …LOL… It hope it made your day awesomer miss Sofia?!

      -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    • Hey girl…. It truly is a blessing when you connect with someone off blog. Bo Peep and I began with comments on each others blogs, the moved to email, and finally texts and phone calls. We had so very much in common, and just hit it off! She is brilliant, and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We had so much fun that we have been busy planning future rendezvous.

      Love and hugs friend, Mynx

      • Brilliant!!! Ya hear that??? Hahaha what she doesn’t mention is that I was so overwhelmed that I cried my eyes out and needed a few stiff drinks to be able to look directly at her Sir. Ohhh I’m all bravado on line…rofl. Seriously, finding someone you click with both online and in real life is exceedingly rare, Mynx and I cherish our friendship and rarely go a day without communicating via text or phone call. Looking forward to a girls weekend !!! Love you Mynxie!

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