Our Journey – Married D/s Couple

There are no maps or signs- only trust!

Our Journey…

From vanilla to Married D/s Couple… It only took us twenty years to find our sexual bliss!

We began our journey in the early 90’s, both coming off bad first marriages. Right from the beginning the sex was hot, and I earned my nickname of Mynx, his little sex kitten. We dated for 8 months before we decided that we needed to make a lifetime together. We married in a small ceremony with a few friends and family. A year later our first child was born, a boy , and 4 years later brought us our daughter.

Along our journey, after the children came, and we edged into our roles as parents, and my husband the family provider, we entered into our ” vanilla phase”! You know the one where you had the token sex night every other week or so, or the so called guilt night that was… “I better give him some soon, cause I turned him down too many times in the past week!” The sex was still good…but still very vanilla with a few toys thrown into the mix, or to quote a friend ” vanilla with a twist”!

Throughout our journey, we’ve always had great sex, often used toys, vibrators, anal toys, and butt plugs, and from time to time some light bondage. Sir loves to tell the story of finding my drawer full of toys in my apartment, early in our courtship. However, we did not start our D/s journey till the summer of 2012. We are just an over-sexed couple benefiting from me reading countless other BDSM fiction books that drew me to see that my husband was a Dom and I a submissive. All these years never identifying that we had been living with those personalities and traits all along. Luckily my husband showed interest in what had me so engrossed with my new iPad. Spending hours every day and night not putting it down. He knew something was up because prior to this I had never cracked a single book in our near 20 years together. Needless to say, I didn’t need to twist his arm to try out our new rolls, just start researching and lots of trial and error later, our Dom/sub was born. Our only regret is that we wish we had figured this out 20 years ago- we feel as though we have waisted some of our best years in a mundane vanilla world!

So that brings us to current days of our journey, my Sir who is now in his late 40’s travels for his work, and is mostly only home Friday night through Monday, so our weekends are precious time for us, and generally busy. The kids are now in their late teens, both still at home. Myself, I’m in my early 50’s working outside the home full time in food service. Now that the kids can be left at home alone, we often escape for an adult time which allows for a loud and proud hot, sexual weekend!!!

So what will this blog be for me? It will hopefully take the shape of a few things. I intend to share my journey into submission, and journal the important moments, as well as the not so good lessons learned.

I also was dubbed the Toy Queen by a friend of mine. So I hope to share of my do’s and don’t bothers of the massive toy industry. My Sir and I have spent thousands of dollars over the years, and still have a few “go to” favorites that are well used and loved, and a box of throw outs for when the coast is clear to ditch them when no eyes are watching!! Finally, I hope to find others like us on this same journey, and build friendships. We all have something to share even though our paths lead in many different directions.

Yummmie, submissive thoughts!


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